A downloadable game for Windows

What is the Game about?πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«
Placing Block's With a Ridiculously Satisfying Placement System!
and amazing Graphic's that Enables everyone to Make an Amazing Scene!
Although a Good pc with atleast a Geforce 2060 is Required!

What's Next?πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
The Game is in Early access but will be updated EXTREMELY Slowely,
And there will be small updates to the existing content!
And some Big Updates with added content!

The Saving Function is incredibly simple!
once starting the Game you can set a save name,
every few minutes it auto saves, but if you want to manually save then do this,
Go to Settings using Key > Click *Save Game* Button
And There you Go!

The Loading Function is yet again Pretty simple!
once starting you can load a Previous save by putting in the save it's name,
if you want to Manually Load a Save then Follow These Instructions
▢️Go to Settings using Key C  > Click *Load Game* Button
Then just input the name of the Save you want to Load,
You can stack Saves and load multiple in one Level!
if you dont remember the Save it's name then follow these instructions.
▢️Go to folders > Open Game Folder > Click the *BlockTest* (FOLDER)
▢️Open the *Saved* (FOLDER) > Go into the *SaveGames* (FOLDER)
This is where your Saves are Located,

Sharing Saves:
Sharing Your Personal Saves is a Bit Harder,
To Share your Required to have the
other person put the Save into their SaveGames Folder,
▢️this is covered up above in the *LOADING* Guide
The only thing you need to do is make a Copy of your .sav File
And Give this to anyone who wants to load the Save in your usual File Sharing Ways!

AeonColony (Game Development Help)
Sander Vanhove (Game Development Help)
D Green Games (Game Development Help)
RazyDepic (Junior Artist)
f4jlip48 (Helping Friend)
ベンジー (Helping Friend)
Alara (Helping Friend)
AttackMuskrat (Persistent Follower)
LynkTheWr (Supporter)
Ularis Badler (Supporter)
Noah B (Supporter)
toasted_water (Supporter)
KristOFF_T (Supporter)
Razber11 (Supporter)
Guilherme Pascuti (Supporter)

Install instructions

Before Downloading:

- The Game Require's a Good Windows 10/11 PC,
- The Game Require's a PC That's able to Handle LUMEN/UE5
- The Game is made in Unreal-Engine 5

After Downloading:
List of Actions to Play Game:
Unzip Build File > Open Build File > Double Click BlockTest.EXE


LuminateBlocks 1.1 - ZIP (OUTDATED) 290 MB
LuminateBlocks 1.0 - ZIP (OUTDATED) 290 MB
LuminateBlocks 1.5 - ZIP (CURRENT VERSION) 913 MB

Development log


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Desperately needs a save function! Want to do cool builds but losing progress every time upon closing makes it hard to do!


i'll look into Making one, since im also working on a Larger project at the Moment but i'll try my Very best to make the Save function for ya mate! (;

(2 edits) (+1)

Also Revamping some Features & Making a Tutorial, possibly even some showcase maps?

Edit: No tutorial is coming but there's alot of Testing maps coming in version 2.0!


Glad to say development's Going well on the Next update! i'd be More than happy to Receive more Critism & Feedback,

Maybe you Could list all the Little details i've missed personally

(1 edit)

windowed mode?

it doesnt work with my 3840 x 1080 monitor

Oh Sorry!
Try pressing F11 to activate Windowed mode,
if it still doesn't work Then just Say k?