Update 1.1 > OUT NOW!

Patch Notes:
- Fixed Glitch where cop's would get stuck when spawned in on (The Warehouse)
- Less Cluttered & More clear Game UI
- Timer is now properly displayed
- Decreased Delay to close (SWAT INCOMING!) Message
- Decreased size of (Heist Selection Buttons)

Update Notes:
- The Amount of money you have collected overall is now Displayed on the MENU
- Massive Pallete/Color change on Levels 1 > 4
- Added New Object's to Collect on Levels 1 > 4
- Added indicator for illegal objects, (RED = ILLEGAL) (WHITE = LEGAL)
- Added Small Animation For Loading
- Changed Color's on text in the Game Hud
- Added Animation for (NPC STATUS INDICATORS)
- Added Scared Animation For (Non Harmful NPC's)

That's all for now! (;


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Aug 12, 2022

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